Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Work on the Dragon Rider

Thought I'd update you all with the 'ever more stuff to do' progress on all things Dragon-y.

This is the work on the Prince riding him...

And the start of work on the shield...
Undercoated black, painted with bestial brown, painted with several thinned coats of blazing orange, washed with gryphonne sepia. Then I started work on the gold!

Several coats of burnished gold, and a wash of black, and that's as far as this photo shows.

After this I've still got to do a wash of gryphonne sepia, drybrushed gold again and finally a very fine highlight of mithril silver.

It's not quite finished but most of the hard stuff is done, and all I need to do now is paint the wooden reverse of the shield and then the arm to stick it to!

And finally, some reins for the Dragon! He's really coming together now! =D

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