Sunday, 10 January 2010

Happy New Year

Ew. How long has it been?

I tend to give the hobby up after summer to concentrate on my schoolwork. I’m currently in my last year of A levels before heading off to uni. Only right now, it’s more like six months before I leave, and it’s getting tantalizingly close. Only downside is, I’m drowned under work, and paper and text books, which therefore swamp my desk as opposed to my paints in summer time.

However! Over here in England we have just had an insane amount of snow which has left pretty much every school shut. So this has meant snow days, and gives me a chance to update on here and let you all know I’m still very much alive.

I’ve not done any modelling in a long time, and don’t expect I shall until my last exam is over this summer. I HAVE got lots of stuff that still needs doing. My lions are left exactly how they were, half assembled and undercoated. I’m still not brave enough to get the paint on them, still unsure about the colour choices. I received a Dragon for my Elves for my birthday and a tank for my Sisters. The Dragon got taken out of the box and ogled at, but so far nothing has happened to either model.

Still I’d like to wish you all a very late
Happy New Year!

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