Friday, 4 September 2009

In The Works

Just a quick show of my current WIP, the Chaplain in Terminator Armour.

I’m going to a hobby crafty shop and buying some Micron pens, since they’ve been recommended to me for fine details and I REALLY want to decorate those scrolls and seals all over him. Then he just needs a base and he’s all done. Pretty, right?

I’ve also started on my test model for the Order of the Merciful Tear, and here she is… obviously not finished, but it’s better than a poke in the eye. Half experimenting with the build up of colours to get the bone armour I want, working from the stuff I used to paint the bones on the Chaplain above.

And I’ve had another delivery from ebay, bits and pieces that I’m acquiring in no particular order for my Sisters, simply because I like the model and wanted it.

I’m planning on sculpting a banner for her that winds around the pole like a pennant type thing, I’ve seen it done before. The Lexmechanic is a purchase for the retinue of my Inquisitor who hasn’t materialised yet, but I know the models I want and things, and since GW doesn’t stock them individually anymore, I’m having to hunt around a little!

My dad has gotten into the hobby recently, and joined my and my brother. He’s starting a small force of Daemon Hunters, and has one painted Knight already, and a few other models in parts. Just goes to show, the hobby spans all ages and skills and it really brings everyone together who you wouldn’t usually have thought would be interested in the game.

No improvement on the chariot. Might paint the lions soon.


  1. I like the chaplain. The model is probably my favorite out of the entire Citadel line.

  2. He looks really good! For the pens, I've been told scripture will look far more natural if you get a brown colour instead of a black, and having seen the results, I can only agree.

    The colour scheme for your Sisters is looking very promising as well. That last model (the standard bearer), is it from 2nd edition or somesuch?

  3. I personally prefer using brushes for text work, as I find pen ink harder to control (and I have tried it and had it bleed). I would advise practising on something else before that great terminator (I don't think he'd like me calling him pretty ;) ).

    What other minis are you trying to hunt down?

  4. @ Itkovian - I've no idea what edition it's from, but I'm guessing second edition since it is unavailable in the current edition.

    @ Gotthammer - Thank you for that, I've a few old Marines in pieces with paint on, so I'll see how it looks on that. I need to work out a text scheme, I was going to try and do an aquila maybe too! Haha.

    The mini's I'm after are the classic Sisters Superior mainly, and then other retinue memebers. I'm rather fond of the bearded Priest with the large chainsword, however he seems especially hard to get hold of!

  5. Text (and symbols) isn't really that hard if you can paint a line. It's just putting lines together of the right size in the right spot :) It is really time consuming though; painting 1mm high words I get about one letter every two minutes.

    I have some sisters (line sisters and some special/heavy weaps) I'm never going to use and various inquisitorial henchpersons looking for a home. No priests however, and which Sister Superior do you mean?

    Drop me an email through my profile if you're interested.