Sunday, 30 August 2009

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot...

The next phase of the Lion Chariot is under way!

I made up the chariot and undercoated it. Now I can paint it without anything else on it, allowing me to get to all the fiddly bits in all the right places. Now, just to decide what colours to put where… I’m thinking a lot of gold as usual in my army, and maybe cream wood, or gray but I really don’t know still.

I then moved back to the lions again. The headless bodies were undercoated and the teeth and tongue were painted.
The heads were then glued into place and left to dry. This morning, I took out my new Green Stuff and blended the head mane to the body mane, in an effort to hide the horrible gap that the two pieces make which renders the whole thing very unrealistic.

I used a small sausage of Stuff pressed along the gap, and then sharpened a pencil and drew out wavy lines to match the fur underneath. I did have a sculpting tool that I was going to use, but I’ve misplaced it for now. I spent ages looking but haven’t found it. A pencil worked nicely for this little tidy-up job anyway!

This was also my first attempt at using Green Stuff. I read up a LOT before just banging away with it. Games Workshop did used to have a modelling article on using it, though with the new site I think the article has since disappeared. I simply googled ‘sculpting fur’ and a whole ream of sites popped up, all put to good use.

My tip? Use Vasleine to lubricate your fingers and tools while working with Green Stuff, and try not to touch it more than necessary. It has a texture rather like chewing gum initially, and then it tends to set the more it is worked. I found this out while mixing the two strips, since I kneaded them together for so long they went hard before I could use it! Green Stuff doesn’t set totally firm apparently, though it does get to a state when it can not have any more shape put to it.

Anyway, the Lions are now setting, I plan to leave them for a day or so before undercoating again and painting them. I might get to work on painting the Chariot itself, but am still undecided on a paint scheme, so I might get back to work on some of my other distractions.


  1. I did a chariot based on this model once, it was a fun project.

    The GS on the lions is looking good.

  2. Thank you very much!

    I have enjoyed the assembly, but now it's getting around to painting I can't seem to make my mind up...