Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Elves.

Thought I'd better update again with some images of my current Elf force, based in Caledor and unusual colours of white and orange. There is a lot of background on them that I've got stashed around.

Recently I've entered the Summer of War painting competition, and had to paint 750+ points. I signed up thinking I can't have that many points of models already... and went home and found that I had, as well as more models still unpainted. I have old images mostly, of thing half based. I'll add them here once I've photographed them again. Until then, some tasters:

Lord Narian - Commander

Spearmen & Banner Detail

Battle Standard Bearer

And my current WIP and pride and joy:
Prince Caranthir - Champion of Caledor.

1 x Mage (From the mage/archamge box)
1 x Lion Chariot

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