Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Try A Little Tenderness.

Look what arrived this morning!

My first of a few ebay purchases. Now this Repentia Mistress can be cleaned up, undercoated and ready to receive the new Order colours. There is a lot of flash on her, compared to my previous model. Yes. I still remember what it was like when I bought it.

I went out last night for a friend’s birthday in rather silly high heels, and decided I’d walk all the way there. I’m crippled today. Thank GOD another friend was kind enough to give me a lift home. I’ve found 10 blisters on my feet in total, with 3 of them being across the ball of my foot where I can’t burst them since the skin is too thick. And one is nearly purple…Blegh.

Such is life, so I settled down today for some serious assembly and running repairs.

I’d decided I was going to experiment with Cillit Bang and its properties of paint stripping a few days ago. So after a day or so in the pot, then a good scrubbing with an old toothbrush, out came this.

It really does make it super shiny, though the surface seems a bit pitted… I don’t know if this is just the metal or some sort of warping. I’m undercoating her again and seeing what happens. So she’s a real test model for everything. I put a plastic marine in there too, to see what came out better. The paint on the marine came off mostly, but it had had several layers more, and horribly thick ones at that, so some of the paint came off and went odd colours and went pitted again. I think he was beyond saving. But he was an old model we’d ripped parts off for other things, so he didn’t matter so much. For now, there are two metal Waywatchers in the Bang after my brother has decided he’s giving up Woodies in preference to their Dark Elf cousins.

Now I settled down to some repairs. We’re selling off a lot of old stuff right now, and some of it is damaged or old enough to have fallen off its base. So an old Marine Librarian got stuck back together and a Dreadnought got some TLC.

Then I moved back onto my High Elves. Ages ago I bought THIS.

And fell in love. But then got busy and never made it up. Today, I clipped all my parts free and went about setting it up. I’d asked at my resident friendly forum, The Underempire, how people would recommend building it and the general consensus was to do it in parts, especially the charioteers.

So, I assembled my lions first. I’m not sure, but I think I’ll undercoat them before sticking the faces on since one has a tongue and the general mouth area is visible and I can tell it’ll be an ass to paint when it’s all together. I need some Greenstuff too, since when holding it together before gluing, I found there’s a nasty gap where the facial mane doesn’t blend into the mane on the shoulder part of the lions.

Next came the driver Elf man. Sticking him roughly onto the base, I was able to position his head down and across in the direction he is steering. I’ll attach his arms later once I’ve assembled the actual chariot and got it looking like he knows where he’s going.

I have also started on the chariot base but it’s a little fiddly, so I’m waiting between parts for the glue to dry. That way, I won’t knock parts off I’ve already stuck down.

Still working away on my background for the Order of the Merciful Tear. Probably be able to post it up tomorrow morning sometime.

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