Saturday, 29 August 2009

Honourable Mention

This little beaut is my finished Prince! After so long working on him, and I'm so proud. For the rest of my models, please check my photobucket gallery.

So I took my little army off to Warhammer World today as I was entered in the Summer of War Painting Competition. So I wake up at about 7, and leave my house at half 8. Drive all the way to Nottingham, and set my things up. Warhammer World was heaving. Turned out that a gaming club had organised a tournament to be held on the same day, so the whole hall was in use, as well as the store being packed with the usual saturday gamers and kids and those of us there for the painting.

We had to set up on a table IN the store part of Warhammer World. It's not the best lit place, and a little bit dangerous with the amount of people in such a smal area and the fact many people had coffee in polystryene cups on this particular day. I digress. I was given a tray to set up in, and massed my Elves in all their orange glory. I had a few questions even as I opened my case as to why the orange. I replied with, 'I just hate the standard colour scheme!'

There were a LOT of Space Marines... and one army of Ravenwing Terminators, which were very good. One army of Imperial Guard, some Nurgle Chaos Daemons, and some Empire Knights with machines, and some Tyranids.

I managed to come away with an Honourable Mention, and the guy with the big impressive Hive Tyrant and massive creatures and his 'Nids won. Fair enough, some of it was converted, but I didn't think they were THAT good. The Ravenwing were better in my opinion but, c'est le vie!

It was a good day, and I met some interesting people and ate a whole lot of food.

Now, to paint that Lion Chariot some more...


  1. Congrats on the Honourable Mention. That Prince looks stunning! Well done! :)