Thursday, 30 June 2011

Update - Lion Chariot & HE Mage

I now have a grand total of FIVE, yes five Mages. I just buy them because they're good to paint, and pretty okay? I can't help it.

So that's four Mages on foot and one Mage mounted, used as an Archmage.

I bought the Island of Blood Mage off ebay, and I'm SO happy that I did. The details and the swishyness of the cloaks... ah, I'm in heaven.

However! He has only been undercoated while my other most recent Mage is still a more complete WIP.

Here he is in two stages of painting. Nearly finished but not quite. Still not sure on basing techniques. And now he needs a name! Every other character in my Army is named so I shall begin working on him right away.

Also another update on the Chariot. I finally got around to painting the chariot itself, and I'm pretty happy with it. The best I've ever managed to get pale/polished wood to look anyway!

I think I might purchase more from the Island of Blood set... the Prince on Griffon looks much more dynamic than any of the older metal models, and somewhat easier to tinker with/convert to suit my army. As do the Reavers, though I may get those just for the horses, if not anything else.

Over the weekend, along with a family do, I'm planning on partaking in a painting challenge for 24 Hours. I have already undercoated models in preparation and shall keep you posted. Hopefully, little by little, everything I've still got sat naked in the box, will be colourful by the end of the week!

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