Tuesday, 28 June 2011

WIP - White Lions & Mages

Bugger it, I've broken my bolt thrower....

Not just out of the blue, but I was attempting to repair it, make it look a lot better than it does already. Never mind, currently looking for a new one.

In other news, I've made a new crew for the thrower, and done a little more work on the chariot. Photos of lions, coming up! The chariot itself is in no condition to be photographed... plus it's oddly tricky to angle and get the look of right with it's still a WIP. Just imagine lots of brown shades of paint and brown/black washes in various stages of work. That's about where I'm at.

Again mainly it's the lions, I think I'm happy with them now. I'm keeping the colours quite dark, more typical lion colouration rather than 'white' lions. I think it'll work better with the oranges and gold, yet the pale wood colour of the chariot itself.

Update on a very long WIP, another mage for the collection. He's just got base colours at the moment and a simple black wash. Hopefully more to be worked on towards the end of the week.

Not related to my elves, but another project recently started; and finished for that matter, my Lexmechanic.

Also is it just me who works on multiple models at a time, in between coats of paint and washes while they dry, do a little dabble on another model?

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